Unislamic song in a religious talk: Sin is what rankles in the heart

I have ruffled feathers when I expresed my dissatisfaction to a preacher who played guitar (one song was Islamic but the other was not) prior to his religious talk at a mosque
He explained that he was asked by the organiser to play the guitar in order to draw in the crowd.
Though I am a B flat soprano who was asked to sing by mesmerised admirers (I love to sing songs from musicals), my heart rankled when he played the guitar at the mosque.

I was condemned for criticising him, but I can just say that it did not feel right. Then I remember the hadith “sin is what rankles in the heart”

Yes, my heart rankled the moment he played the guitar.

The Holy Prophet peace be upon Him also said “Say the truth though its painful/difficult to do so/Bercakap benar meskipun pahit. So I had to tell him what I felt. Anyhow he accused me of being “tidak berlapang dada”/intolerant.

Well, when my heart rankles, I can’t tolerate it.

Anyhow I will avoid anything that rankles (It’s your choice to say that I am acting holier than thou, I have to act for my future which is the hereafter/ the permanent abode.)

I live to please Allah, not mortals…..


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