Helping yourself to heal from abuse: Understand Abusive Traits

My ex-boyfriend (MCL classmate and colleague) used to tell me “Time is the best healer”
I don’t think so
You must help yourself to heal from abuse
Find books which can help you understand your abuser
Then you would be able to understand yourself and handle your dealings with the abuser and the world at large with confidence and awareness
Knowing your abusers’ traits, tactics and behavior will empower you
I would like to recommend you a book entitled “Why is it always about you? The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism” by Sandy Hotchkiss which is available at Kinokuniya at KLCC
Part I of the book provides “the characteristic ways that Narcissist think and behave”.
Part II explains that “Narcissism is a normal stage we all pass through in early childhood on our way to becoming more complete human beings.”
Part III gives “four survival strategies for defending your Self against the damage that Narcissists can do.”
Part IV is “devoted to exploring in greater depth those particular situations in which narcissism can be especially troubling”.
I find the book to be useful and I hope that you would find it to be useful as well. Happy Reading!


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