Masa itu nyawa

I saw “Tanyalah Ustaz” last week
The preacher Ghazali Ibrahim said something truly deep
He said “masa itu nyawa”
True, for if you die, you no longer have the “time” to repent to Allah nor worship Him
when He takes your life, your time is up
you will reap what you sow
you will get what you deserve based on your deeds, misdeeds,acts and omission
Waste not your time
If you perform subuh prayer it does not mean that you will live long enough to perform Zohor prayer
Do not take your life for granted
You can’t afford to waste your time
Do reflect on the years you neglect Allah
1 year? 2 years? Your whole teenage years? Your twenties? Your thirties?……
It’s a good thing that your time of death remains a mystery
It shall keep you on your toes
Anxious and fearful of Allah Subhana Wa Taala


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