Ustazah Noor Laila Aniza dan suami yang memukul serta berpoligami

I just watched Tanyalah Ustazah where Ustazah Noor Laila Aniza said:

“Kalau puan-puan dipukul suami atau suami berpoligami, puan lihat kembali kepada diri Puan, adakah Puan menutup aurat? Adakah Puan memakai tudung yang melekat pada dada?”

My goodness this Ustazah is so shallow. If that is her logic, can she explain why Asiah, a pious woman whom Allah Subhana Wa Taala mentioned in the Quran as the woman who prayed to Allah to build her an abode in heaven, being abused by Pharaoh, her husband. Did she violate hukum syara’ which justifies her husband’s abuse?
There is no excuse for violence. A man who beats his wife violates the Sunnah of Rasulullah (peace be upon Him). In His last sermon, Rasulullah (peace be upon Him) advised his followers to be kind to women.

Ustazah Noor Laila Aniza: Please don’t blame wives if their husbands beat them. If he does not love his wife, he can divorce her. There is no excuse for him to beat his wife. Physical abuse is about control, dominance. A strong  man beats a weak woman to make her realise that she is powerless and worthless, he overpowers and humiliates her. His objective of beating her up is to make her grovel at his feet. If you cannot emphatise with victims of domestic violence, please watch the films “Unstable”, “The Pastor’s wife”, “Enough” and “Sleeping with the enemy”. InsyaAllah after watching these movies you will understand the plight of abused women.


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