The condescending Dzulkarnain Hamzah in Kalam Suci

I met this Ustaz in person, found him to be arrogant.

On television he pretends to be affable and pleasant (this is television for God’s sake) but he couldn’t help being condescending when he made a remark to Haslin Baharin, “budu lagi” when a caller was reciting a few verses.

Prior to the call (made by the caller), he said to Haslin that there’s much inability among callers to recite the word dal. But Haslin , unlike Dzulkarnain was supportive and encouraging to callers.

Dzulkarnain Hamzah might be talented and well-versed in Tajwid but he is condescending and does not emulate the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s akhlaq/adab/good manners.

This is the malaise among knowledgeable Asaatiz (Plural for Ustaz).


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