The Family Hero: The dysfunctional roles of the children in dysfunctional families

deborah j hill
Crisis and the Classroom : A Practical Guide for Teachers
By Hill, Deborah J.

Publisher : Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Published Date : 2003/03
ISBN : 9780398073633

The dysfunctional roles of the children in such dysfunctional families are as follows:

The Family Hero
This is the responsible child, often the firstborn, but also the favorite child or the one perceived to be the most attractive. The family hero takes on adult responsibilities and priveleges at an early age. They excel at their schoolwork, become popular, and are actively successful in extracurricular activities. The family hero validates the parents’ sense of worth as good parents and is held up as an example to their siblings, making the other children feel never good enough. The favored status of the family hero also gives them an excessive amount of control over the other siblings. In later life they become controlling and judgmental of others and perfectionists in everything they do. In spite of their favoritism they are detached from their true self because they have lived their life for the parents.


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