The Scapegoat-The dysfunctional roles of the children in dysfunctional families

deborah j hill
Crisis and the Classroom : A Practical Guide for Teachers
By Hill, Deborah J.

Publisher : Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Published Date : 2003/03
ISBN : 9780398073633

The dysfunctional roles of the children in such dysfunctional families are as follows:

The Scapegoat
Many families have one member who takes most of the blame for family problems. Ironically this is the dysfunctional family member who is most likely to be emotionally honest with themselves and others. The scapegoat is the family member everyone is most ashamed of. Perhaps they are the least attractive or the most awkward. Because little is expected of them, the scapegoat usually does poorly in school. This is the family member who makes mistakes that scandalize the family-getting pregnant or taking drugs. The scapegoat’s misbehavior serves to preoccupy the family and to divert attention away from any problems other family members might have.



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