The Mediator: The dysfunctional roles of children in dysfunctional families

deborah j hill
Crisis and the Classroom : A Practical Guide for Teachers
By Hill, Deborah J.

Publisher : Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Published Date : 2003/03
ISBN : 9780398073633

The dysfunctional roles of the children in such dysfunctional families are as follows:

The Mediator
This member of the shame-based family has the role of placating rival members. They are often the family clown who relieves tensions and tries to put things back into perspective when arguments get out of hand. The family mediator often becomes a people pleaser outside the family and is prone to co-dependency. They forever see their role as a helper and often align themselves to the disenfranchised, including addicts and alcoholics. They rarely have any sense of self and do not admit that they have their own needs.



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