Violent men have no balls

When I was 17, a mother who just fought with her husband asked me to accompany her before her husband drives their daughter and her to the former’s boarding school.
Her reason, she was afraid that if I did not accompany them, her husband would endanger them by driving the car dangerously in order to show his anger towards her (post fight).
I accompanied her and her husband drove carefully.
20 years later, I asked her, “why didn’t you leave your abusive husband?” Her answer, “I have neither education nor job, I have many kids. I don’t think my siblings would help me.”
I would never tolerate violent, abusive men.
I don’t think twice leaving violent men.
I don’t respect mothers who let their violent husbands get whatever they want by being violent and abusive.
I don’t respect mothers who stand by their abusive husbands.
My abusers carry themselves in public as if they are paragons of virtue.
What I learnt from my abusers, they would never change.
Mohd Noor Bahari, Mohd Yani Bahari, Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari, Corporal Sulaiman
All of you have no balls, you couldn’t win when you argued with me, that’s why you beat me up to teach me a lesson and shut me up.
Zulfikri Abdul Rashid, you tortured me and my children because you did not get what you want. You married me because I am a millionaire’s daughter. You asked my father to lend you a large sum of money and he refused to lend you the money. After my father refused to give you the money, you treated me like rubbish. Whenever I got pregnant, you tortured me (hang kata aku menyusahkan dan membebankan hang). Hang yang tak ikhlas kahwin dengan aku, manusia laknat!
I believe all of you were raised by unworthy parents (banshees) , that’s why you are violent beasts, you treat me like rubbish, as if I have no self-worth and dignity.
Hasma Binti Basir, you are not worthy to be called a mother, you encouraged your husband and sons to beat me up.
You even laud them for beating me up.
You blame me for being beaten up (Hang suka melawan)
I should not have expected you to protect me from violence, you just don’t care.
All of you play victim, abuse, insult and spread lies about me in this world.
Well you can’t pretend in front of Allah Subhana wa Taala
I will never forgive all of you .


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