I remembered Allah in my state of ease and He saved me when none but Him could…

I have this bad habit of forgetting Allah whenever I am happy and comfortable

I only recite Yassin Fadhilah, Wirid Al Latif, Ratib Al Attas, Ratib  Al Haddad, Ratib Al Idrus, Hizib Bahr, Hizib Nawawi whenever I desperately need Allah’s help

However last Friday, I recited the above although I was neither troubled nor upset

That afternoon, I made a turn to the left then I heard blaring horn on my right

I was stunned when I saw a speeding car about to hit me

I was too shocked to be able to do anything

In the nick of time he stopped the car

Allah Ar Rahman saved me from  being hit by a speeding car, I did not see the car before I made the turn

Alhamdulillah Allah Al Muhaimin saved me from being hit by the car

I remembered Allah Al Waliy  in  my state of ease and He saved me when none but Him could…

HasbunAllah wa ni’mal wakeel ni’mal maula wa ni’manNaseer.


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