Prayer 21st February 2012

O Allah
please show the truth
please show to Your righteous servants that I had been victimised
please punish those who had wronged me
please punish those who show no mercy towards me
no dram of mercy
O Allah
please destroy Zulfikri Abdul Rashid
please let him live in this world and the next world in suffering and agony
Zulfikri Abdul Rashid, Md Noor Bahari
Abdul Shukur Husin, Mohammad Muda, Abdul Samat Musa, Alina Osman, Radish Kaur, Kamisah Harun, Norhashimah Nordin, Abdullah Sani, Zainal Azam Abdul Rahman, Nik Salida Suhaila
Those who had made me suffer until today
Today I am going to recite Ratib Al Haddad as many times as possible to persuade Allah to destroy you the way you destroyed me
I don’t lose hope with Allah Subhana Wa Taala


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