Allah’s help, the abandoned kitten get fed

A cat abandoned her kitten on my porch this morning. I bought a feeding bottle and milk to feed the kitten since I had difficulty in finding the mother. I was having a hard time feeding the kitten so I decided to recite Ratib Al Haddad three times, a supplication for Allah’s assistance. I completed the ratib at 1030 pm, there was no sign of the mother cat. At 11pm the mother cat came to me. Alhamdulillah, I brought the kitten to the mother cat. She refused to breastfeed her offspring, so I recited Selawat Munjiyyat 3 times. She started to breastfeed her kitten. I continued to recite Selawat Munjiyyat 7 times.

Allah’s help is truly amazing. NasrumminAllah , HasbunAllah wa ni’mal wakeel ni’mal maula wa ni’manNaseer



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