A loving battered mother

I spoke to an abused friend on 12th March 2013. He told me that his mother was physically abused by his father. Despite suffering from constant abuse throughout the marriage, his mother protected him and his siblings from their abuser (his father/monster).

He and his siblings were not spared from his father’s abuse either.His father’s abuse towards him, among others, he stabbed him when he was four.

He reiterated to me, throughout his pain living with that monster, his mother comforted and shielded him and his siblings from further abuse. When that monster came home from work, she would ask him and his siblings to get out of the house in order to shield them from the monster’s wrath. She would rather be beaten up by the monster rather than see him beat up her children.

Wow! This woman is truly amazing. She could still love and nurture her kids despite being a battered mother.

So I asked my friend, what made his mother such a strong, remarkable woman. He said that she reads the Quran constantly.

Wow! This woman is a tough act to follow,indeed…

My abused friend grew up to be a calm gentleman. He told me that when he got married, he vowed not to be abusive to the weak (his wife and children). A battered mother raised a gentleman. What a great woman she is.

So I told my friend that he is an exception rather than the norm. Most abused children upon becoming adults become abusers themselves. They abuse their wives and children. So the cycle of violence continues.


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