“Someday my prince will come” Mentality

Was it Snow White or Cinderella who sang “Someday my prince will come”? Having spent my formative years reading Snow White and Cinderella, damsels in distress who needed someone to rescue them, whenever I was abused, I became just like Snow White and Cinderella, yearning to be rescued, saved, loved and nurtured by someone, rather than saving myself. However, after much suffering I realised that the only person who can save me is myself. I have to love, nurture and take care of myself.

The song “Greatest love of all” ends with the phrase “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”. It’s such a sad thing that Whitney Houston the singer of this song who mesmerised me when I was 11 when I first saw her on television singing this great song, did not love herself after all by taking drugs, to numb out her pain I presume.


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