Habibie and Ainun

My dear children

Please watch Habibie and Ainun on youtube.
This is a story about a man who marries a woman he loves and then, built a happy, loving family.

My dear children, this is an example of a blessed man. This person is definitely not an abuser nor a destroyer. He built a happy home for his wife and children.

(Anyhow this is just a movie, it’s up to you to either believe that there is such a person or not.)

Never live with abusers as you will stop becoming a human being when you live with them. You shall lose your humanity and compassion when you live with abusers. It’s not a life worth living.

Abusers are miserable lots ( human doings rather than human beings) who can’t stand seeing others lead a happy life. They will do whatever they can to rob other people’s happiness. Remember that!


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