2 types of husband

There are 2 types of husband

One, a husband who nurtures you and two, a husband who abuses you

Kalau belum ada anak pun, husband you dah buat you sedih, muka you tak berseri, membuat you gundah gulana dan keluh kesah, then you should just leave him.

Dia tak bahagia dengan you, dia kahwin lain. So just leave him lah, buat apa nak tunggu.

Yes, he has the right to have four wives, but you have the right to be happy.

I look at your face and you are just like a person being described in the song sang by Christina Perri “A jar of hearts”, “I learned to live half alive”

You look like someone “who lives half alive”

You have to ask yourself “Is your life with him, a life worth living?”

May be your logic for standing by your man is “Allah will reward me heaven if I am patient with my abusive husband”

By all means, go ahead, may your misery bring forth heaven in the next world

But Allah tells his servants to pray “Rabbana aatinaa fiddunya hasanah wa fil aakhirati hasanah” (oh Our Lord give us happiness in this world and in the next world (hereafter)


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