Dear Imam

Dear Imam
I heard your talk on TV Al Hijrah about a person who claimed to be possessed by jinn but you said that the person is not possessed by jinn but mentally ill.

Have you ever seen any jinn in your life?

Have you ever suffered black magic in your life?

Since you studied at Al Azhar and also memorised Al Quran Al Kareem, how many times does Allah mention the word jinn in Al Quran?

How dare you simply dismiss a person who suffers black magic being carried out by jinns when Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala Himself speaks about Jinn in Surah Al Jinn, Surah An Naas and Surah Ar Rahmaan?

You are definitely not ‘arif Billah!!!!

It’s clear that you are not enlightened by Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala

Shame on you!!!

If you come to Malaysia please visit an ‘Arif Billah like Baba ‘Aziz.


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