Caraku merawat hatiku yang luka

Caraku merawat hati yang luka:

Lepas subuh:

1. Surah Al Fatihah
2. Ayatul Kursi
3. Surah Al Falaq
4. Surah Al Ikhlas
5. Surah An Nas
6. Ayat 81-82 Surah Yunus
7. Ayat 128-129 Surah At Taubah
8. Surah Al Feel

Baca Selawat sebanyak mungkin

Bahagia menjelma

I deal with today
Not yesterday nor tomorrow

No, I never tried to kill myself
But I refused to enjoy life because I was despondent
However Allah saved me
Allah made me realise that He made me live to glorify Him
wa maa khalaqtu aljinnatu wal ins illa li ya’ buduun

Therefore I choose to glorify Allah and try to forget my pain (a tall order but Allah helps me to ease the pain)
True my life is filled with heartbreak but I have no choice but to live
I can choose to be depressed lamenting my miserable fate or to seek succour and peace from Allah
I choose the latter.

I have lost much but I gained Allah’s love……..I am recompensed!

If you focus on Allah
You can feel His love and succour


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