A precious gift from Allah

On 13th January 2014 I drove to Bangi to listen to Habib Ali Abu Bakr Salim out of respect to Rasulullah peace be upon Him

I only had small change for the toll

Since I was rushing to be punctual I did not withdraw money from the ATM

After Habib’s talk I proceeded to the stall set up on the premises, there was a book which contained a selawat which the Habib just ijazah to the audience

Since I did not bring much cash I was not able to buy the book which costs RM15

I spoke to the lady who manned the stall

I asked her whether she would trust me to take the book first without paying but I would pay her later via online banking

She asked me to take the book free of charge, she took out her own money and paid for the book

I was embarrassed, I insisted to find out her bank account number

But she said to me something touching, “Ini daripada Allah, Allah bukakan hati saya untuk menghadiahkan buku ini kepada u. Doakan saya ya”

I was speechless.

I was thinking, who am I to pray for her. She is the kind one not me.

Thank you Allah.

To Puan ‘Azimah, thank you JazaKILLAH.


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