Habaib vs local preachers

I had lunch today with three ladies.
One lady said to me that she wants to listen to a sermon scheduled next week to be delivered by a Habib.
So another lady posed a question:
“Why are these foreign Habaibs being invited to preach when we have local preachers?

One lady answered:
The Habaibs do not promote their business or any product when they preach. They just preach. However many local preachers promote their products or their hajj, umrah business to their audience which is unethical.

When the Habaibs speak about Rasulullah peace be upon Him, the audience feel as if Rasulullah peace be upon Him is with them.

However there is a Habib who acts as if he is Allah’s proxy because he is Kasyaf. He successfully made me resolve not to listen him speak (at the mosque or on TV3, TV Hijrah). He labelled me Syaitan, Fitnah, kaki gaduh, kaki maki. He also defended the homosexual whom I called “BASTARD” in this blog. He is a defender of this homosexual who abused me!

The whole world can worship him, as far I am concerned, he is a charlatan!!!












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