Bila orang kata aku gila

I was analysing the motive of those who label me crazy:

My own parents label me crazy, they took my child away from me.

My father who labels me crazy, he beat me up from 2000 to 2006. Although I have a law degree and was called to the Bar in 2004, I never lodged a police report against him for beating me up until he condoned and lauded the policeman, Corporal Sulaiman for dragging me like a dog. When I lodged a police report against my wealthy father, my parents told the police I am crazy.

My colleagues who labelled me crazy, that’s because I reported their wrong doing.

My boss, the Dean who labelled me crazy, it was because I refused to yield to his pressure to manipulate marks.

By labelling me crazy, no one will hire me as an employee. No one will want to have anything to do with me.

Pada malam 29 Januari 2014, jiran pemakan khinzir menceroboh kawasan rumahku memasang khemah untuk majlis pada 31/1/14, menghalang aku membuka gate dan menyusahkan aku keluar masuk kereta daripada rumahku sendiri. I pleaded to them and told them that they are making my life difficult but the pork-eaters ignored me. Mentang-mentang aku tak ada suami memang orang suka tindas aku! The pork-eaters before this also heard my younger brother yelled at me that I am crazy. So they want to trample on this “crazy person”.

These Pork-eaters had the choice to erect a smaller tent but they chose a bigger tent which trespassed my compound without fear of legal reprise!

The Pork-eaters are really bold and selfish.

At 1200 am I lodged a complaint to the Local Authority.

Since the pork-eaters ignored my plea, I read Ratib Al Haddad, then I recited Selawat Al ‘Alil Qadr given ijazah by Habib Ali Abu Bakr Salim until 330am.

This morning (30th January 2014) I recited Wirid Al Latif, Ratib Al Haddad and Ratib Al Attas. At 1030am while I was reciting Ratib Al Attas , the Local Authority’s enforcement officers came and ordered the pork-eaters to cease from trespassing my compound. They were ordered to remove the tent from my compound.

Alhamdulillah Allah As Sami’ helps this ‘crazy’ person who prays to Him whenever she is abused and trampled on.

What I learnt:

People label me crazy because they see that I am weak, broken by many years of abuse. By labelling me crazy, they want to unhinge me. They want to break me! They want to see me become crazy. It is a mind game. Those who labelled me crazy have wronged me or plan to wrong me. But what they don’t know about me is that I am unbreakable because I have strong faith in Allah. I might appear to be weak and destitute but I am an indomitable spirit. I pray to Allah pleading for His succour and recite selawat to Rasulullah (peace be upon him) to get Allah’s blessing.

Crazy is, as crazy does. To me, those who are crazy are the ones who enjoy abusing and trampling the weak.

So if people call you crazy, know that they have either wronged you or plan to wrong you! They are not well wishers, they want to break you!

The whole world can label me crazy, I do not care two hoots because Allah blesses me! Allah makes me persevere and not yield to my abusers!


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