Sihir and saka in the Malay world

I have mixed a lot with Malays post CBN
At IIU I was introduced to spirtituality, sihir and saka
If you watch “Tanyalah Ustaz” there are a few Asatiz talking about sihir and saka
My belief now, I have suffered more abuse and cruelty compared to sihir and saka
Abuse and cruelty broke me!
Yes Allah Ar Rahman talks about sihir in the Quran
But Allah Al Haq also talks about cruelty (dzulm) in the Quran
In Surah Yusuf, Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla tells us the story of Nabi Yusuf being abused by his brothers

Malays like to believe in Sihir when:
1. Their husbands find other women

2. When grown up abused children decide to leave them

3. When their grown up abused kids refuse to listen to them (Example:Drama Tentang Dhia)

They just don’t take a good look at themselves and find out what really went wrong

My abusers and their relatives look down on me and call me a loser (Me-layu)

Well, I say that I am a great survivor
I have gone through abuse more than you could ever imagine and Alhamdulillah I understood what really transpired
It is plain heart-breaking abuse
My wealthy and powerful abusers label me crazy so that no one would believe me
So….those who abused and victimised me had sealed their fate…..
Just you wait for Allah’s judgment, Just you wait (sing the chorus like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady “Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait”)

Anyhow Allah is Most Fair


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