Sufis who make me turn away from Allah

Sufis who make me turn away from Allah

Confident with their kasyaf ability

They are not true preaches (da’ie)

They want people to worship them, not Allah

They abuse Allah’s name

They claim to be descendants of Rasulullah saw

They do not emulate Rasulullah’s adab

They desecrate Islam

They abuse KALAMULLAh and Rasulullah’s ahadith to their advantage

They are nothing but charlatans

Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Devils in droves….

Beware and don’t be fooled by these devils

The enlightened ones can detect them through their speech

(You don’t need to be kasyaf to detect them, just be sincere and honest)

What arrogance!

What impudence!

Ara aitallazee yukazzibu bid deen! (Al Maa ‘uun:1)


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