Haunting mystical power which paralysed me

Sufis and mysticism go together

Charlatans and true sufis have the ability to influence and control their audience

I had difficulties leaving charlatans

They had this overwhelming power over me

A power beyond my understanding

This is what I call the haunting mystical power which paralysed me

They read what was in my heart

They judged and chastised me

But Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla helped me to escape from them

Regardless of my suffering inflicted by charlatans,

I do not dismiss the existence of true sufis

The first time I met a true sufi, I was shocked and deeply affected thus rendered bed-ridden for two weeks.

That sufi helped me to understand myself and strengthened my conviction

However it is difficult to distinguish true sufis and charlatans

Therefore for the time being, I just stay away from sufis because charlatans outnumber true sufis.


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