Allah the Most Merciful moved many hearts to help me

On 9th June 2014, I witnessed Allah’s love towards me.

It began at 10 am when I brought my pet to the vet as she had a difficult labour.

I did not put her in a carrier so the moment I carried her out from my car she ran to the parking lot and went inside a car’s engine.

A Pakistani man named Ali called the owner of the car, Kak Nor to open the bonnet/hood so that my pet can be taken out from her car’s engine. A shop assistant brought out cat food to persuade my cat. (Allah opened 3 persons’ hearts to help me). After the bonnet was opened, Ali put the cat inside a carrier and I brought the cat to the vet.

At the vet, there was a queue. A man allowed me to jump queue as my pet’s life is at stake. I got my pet admitted. On my way out, I overheard the man enquiring from the Indian receptionist named Angel, the way to a Pet Shop which I knew so I offered to show him the way, which he accepted.

On my way to my car, I tripped and my head hit the road. I stood and saw blood dripping. A Pakistani man rushed to me, gave me a tissue and asked me to cover my bleeding head. I walked to my car and tried to start the car. Angel came to me and gave two packets of tissue. She asked me to get out from my car. A Chinese lady who worked in a saloon offered to bring me to a clinic. Angel then took my hand and led me to a clinic.We walked for 7 minutes to the clinic.

When I arrived at the clinic, the clinic assistant asked Angel to bring me to a general hospital because my face was covered with blood. However, she then came out and examined me. She then said that the doctor would attend to me.

The Chinese doctor stitched my wound and said that it was superficial wound. She asked me to come the next day for a change of dressing. The treatment cost RM95 but she said that I need not pay on that day, I could pay her the next day. I thanked the Doctor and then walked with Angel towards my car. Angel then rushed into the vet’s clinic, took out more tissue and gave it to me.

9th June 2014, was a day I witnessed Allah the Most Merciful, moved many hearts to help me, His servant. Allah is always there for me whenever I need Him the most!

Before I went out that day, I recited 99 times Ayat Kursi, verses 81 and 82 of Surah Yunus and 10 times verses 128 and 129 of Surah At Taubah.

HasbunAllah wa ni’mal wakeel ni’mal maula wa ni’manNaseer.



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