Now I know why you are heartless!

Now I get it
Living with violent, abusive husbands has turned both of you into heartless, caustic women.

Both of you cannot leave your abusive husbands because you have never worked and your highest qualification is MCE.

Most of your children are just as caustic as both of you. I am not surprised. Battered wives, living in denial, not brave enough to leave their abusers. Rendered powerless, become bitter, disillusioned, heartless and caustic!!!

Caustic mothers raise caustic children.

Your son Ahmad Zharif befriended me in facebook, read my abuse in my blog  and made fun of me in facebook by writing ” horlick, mylo, kopi dan teh = lick my kote”

Ahmad Zharif, since you are ungrateful like your mother, please remember that your mother asked me to accompany her and your sister in a car ride driven by your father. Your mother was afraid that your father would drive dangerously to punish  her for picking a fight with her mother in law.

I regret helping your mother!

Puan Sri Rabitah, since you said that I am mentally ill, were you mentally ill when you abused your eldest daughter?

You pulled her hair because you were upset your husband’s relatives stayed with you!

Do you feel guilty for abusing your eldest daughter?

Your daughter blamed the chocolate she consumed for getting grade 3 for her SPM

The chocolate caused her migraine, so she said.

Your daughter then scored 8A1 when she sat for her SPM the second time and secured PETRONAS scholarship to study medicine in the UK

I don’t envy your daughter for becoming a gynae

Not one bit

Are you mentally ill for forcing relatives to buy your MLM products?

For heaven’s sake, you are a millionaire’s wife, are you so hard up for money?

Have I ever asked money from you or your millionaire husband?

I pity your sister whom you called “mental” for having you as a sister

From the way you treated me, I presume that you never supported your sister when she needed you most

As I said earlier, you became heartless because you cannot leave your abusive husband!

For suggesting that I am mentally ill although I told your husband that his brother abused me , I sever my ties with you!!!!

I will never see you for the rest of my life!!!!


GO on kidding yourself that you are happy, kah, kah, kah.

I will never look at both of you with kindness anymore!

How do you feel sleeping next to a wife-beater every night?

Can your abuser cum husband really love you?

Is it his love or domination?

DO your husbands love you by beating both of you?

Does his love equate beating you to a pulp?

Wealthy, successful but abusive husbands who beat their wives!!!!

Were you so depressed that you were unable to control the car you were driving?

Did you purposely try to kill yourself and your daughters when you crashed your car?

What was more painful, your injuries from your car crash, your daughters’ injuries or your husband’s beatings?


Do your VVIP friends know that your husband beats you up?


Were you happy to have miscarried after your husband beat you?

How do you feel sleeping next to a husband who beat you until you miscarried?


Are you good role models for your daughters, for standing by your abusive husbands??????

Oh please, do not entertain the thought that I envy both of you for being married to wealthy, successful but abusive husbands!!!!

Puan Sri Rabitah, today, you and your husband label me mentally ill,

Esok lusa orang lain kata anak-anak hang gila (Kak Eli & Kak Eda, you are excluded from this curse, I have nothing against both of you since both of you are nice to me.)

Kalau bukan pada anak hang, pada cucu cicit hang pula.

Dahlah aku tak minta apa-apa daripada hang,

Bila aku telefon hang tanya khabaq, hang boleh kata aku ni gila.

Apa yang aku buat kat hang sampai hang nak kata aku gila?

Rumah kata pergi kuboq kata mari

mulut jahat cakap ikut sedap mulut aja.

Alhamdulillah hang kata aku gila, aku pun tak buloq telefon hang tanya khabaq.


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