Mohd Emil Azril Bahari, Shall I pray that you get permanent erectile dysfunction?

Moh Emil Azri Bahari Md Noor

Hang kata aku gila tapi bagi aku, orang gila ialah orang yang kacau aku macam hang!!!!

Orang gila macam hang hempas badan aku kat Balai Polis Hulu Kelang jadi barua bapak Hang!!!

You brought Pak Din the bomoh Siam to my house on 3rd August 2006 .

Pak Din  grabbed my leg and called me syaitan on 3rd August 2006.

On 3rd August 2006, I went to Balai Polis Hulu Kelang to report Pak Din’s violence towards me but on 4th August 2006, I was dragged like a dog by Korporal Sulaiman who called me gila and syaitan .

You were the cause of my pain being assaulted and insulted by Pak Din and dragged like a dog by Korporal Sulaiman.

If you have an iota of responsibility, you should pay me damages for bringing Pak Din to my house to abuse me!

Do you have any remorse for being a person responsible for my abuse by Pak Din and Korporal Sulaiman of Balai Polis Hulu Kelang?

Based on your continuous harassment towards me since 20th December 2013, it’s clear that you neither feel guilty nor remorse for causing me being dragged by a dog by Korporal Sulaiman!

I do not have the money to sue you and your millionaire father for torturing me.

I shall continue performing Solat Hajat so that you and those who abused and never cease abusing me be duly punished by Allah Subhaana Wa Ta’ala.

Mohd Emil Azril Bahari, Shall I pray that you get permanent erectile dysfunction?

Please take note that a man who victimised me died due to cancer, five years after he victimised me, at a relatively young age despite his wealth and stature. He was not able to witness his five children’s weddings nor play with his future grandchildren.

Yes, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari Md Noor, Allah Al ‘Aadil makes me happy by making my abusers suffer!

Your bitchy wife, Sharifah Suhaiza said she likes to kill people softly which means that she enjoys torturing people bit by bit. I notice that you are just like her, torturing me bit by bit, at your pace!

I will continue to pray to Allah to punish you and your sluts for abusing me!

Just because your parents treat me like trash, that does not give you the right to treat me like trash, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari!!!!

Mohd Emil Azril Bahari, if you have an iota of remorse, you should pay me damages for abusing me since you can afford to employ two drivers driving 2 Nissan cars, 3 houses and at least 3 employees.

If you refuse to compensate me, have the decency to stop harassing me, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari!!!!

Will you be happy if I leave my house because I can’t tolerate your harassment?

Will you be happy if I commit suicide because I can’t bear your harassment?

Will you be happy if I get myself admitted to a mental hospital because I can’t live being harassed by you?

Mohd Emil Azril Bahari Md Noor, I shall not commit any of the above.

Allah gives me the strength to live despite being abused by you, your parents, your brothers, your auntie and Zulfikri Abdul Rashid.

Allah gave me abusive parents, husband and brothers to see whether I condemn Him  or supplicate to Him.

I choose the latter. The more you harass and abuse me, the more I shall supplicate to Allah Al Mujeeb!!!!

You dare label me an ahli sihir regardless of the fact that your slut’s grandfather  is  a bomoh!!

Keep on harassing me and you shall see me earnestly supplicate to Allah Saree’ul Hisaab!

Do you  understand, you son of a bitch?

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