Azab dunia: Ibu yang zalim

Azab dunia=ibu yang zalim

favours sons (Abang Rizal, I have nothing against you, you are good to me, the only one who is humane)

instigated her beloved sons to beat me up

instigated her abusive husband to beat me up

does not defend me when I was chased out by the ugly & bitchy Jawa Haprak Felda Semenchu & anak dibuang ibu because my child used Jawa Haprak Felda Semenchu’s vcd player

accused me of cutting Jawa Haprak Felda Semenchu’s baju

blamed me when her beloved maids ran away & instigated her doctor son to beat me

treats me like rubbish

instigated my daughter to leave me

kept on saying to my daughter that I am ‘anak derhaka’, but she is ‘ibu derhaka’

told the police that I am crazy when I lodged a police report against her husband & sons for beating me up

sold her soul to her abusive husband.


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