An uneducated male Jawa Haprak, a Cunt Worshipper’s daughter & ignited Firecrackers

A few years ago, an elderly uneducated male Jawa Haprak (a good friend of  a ‘Cunt-worshipper’) and his family, threw ignited firecrackers on my porch, on a night before Hari Raya Puasa. The elderly uneducated male Jawa Haprak’s son is a policeman.

On the next day which is the first day of Hari Raya Puasa, the elderly uneducated  male Jawa Haprak’s  guest parked his car on my driveway, blocking my entrance.

The elderly uneducated Jawa Haprak male and his children are very selfish, they turn their porch into a living room, so their car is parked on their driveway. They are not only selfish, they are also shameless because they parked their cars on my driveway, so I told them off.

A  few years back, while I was reading in my house, I heard loud explosions because pop firecrackers were thrown on the road. I opened my door and saw the elderly uneducated male Jawa Haprak’s wife (an elderly uneducated female Jawa Haprak) instructing her granddaughter to throw pop firecrackers in front of my house. The elderly uneducated female Jawa Haprak was staring at me menacingly.

A pop firecracker is a firecracker which explodes when it is thrown on the ground.

During the day, on 11th December 2014, the elderly uneducated  male Jawa Haprak,  was continuously provoking me when I was on my porch.

At night, on 11th December 2014, I heard firecrackers being ignited and thrown outside my house.

During the day, on 12 November 2014 , the cunt-worshipper’s  daughter was continuously throwing pop firecrackers, next door,  when I was on my porch.

I conclude that the Jawa Haprak family  and the Cunt-Worshipper’s daughter like to throw explosive firecrackers within my earshot.

You can throw firecrackers till cows come home, I will not move out!!!!


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