Stop blaming the jin!!!!!

Please stop being in denial

I hate you because you are an evil parent, period!!

Don’t say that I am possessed by jin!

When I look at you with hatred, that’s because you were inhuman towards me!!!

You blamed me because your beloved maids ran away, so you  instigated your favourite son to beat me and drag me like a dog!!!!

Stop saying to my face that I look at you with hatred because I am possessed by jin!!!!

If you think that you are a great mother and did not wrong me, we can always seek Allah’s judgment at Padang Mahsyar, later.

For the time being, if you bump unto me, please bear in mind that when I look at you with anger, it’s because I recall your sins towards me.

I know you have all your favourite sons  and enslaved sister who worship you, it matters not to me, you have wronged me, period.

Stop saying that I am possessed by jin!

You and your sons who beat me are possessed by IBLIS!!!!

All of you are sinners!!!!

I pray that Allah does not look at you and your sons with mercy because all of you tortured me in front of my children!!

Stop blaming the jin inside my body and sihir, take a good look at yourself!!!


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