On 23rd December 2014 Mohd Emil Azril Bahari is bored with his pussy so he chose to harass me!!!

Today, 23rd December 2014, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari Md Noor’s employee, parked a car in front of my house from 1035-1043am, with the engine on, waiting for Mohd Emil Azril Bahari Md Noor’s driver. He did not park on an empty driveway on his left but chose to park in front of my house, with the engine on. Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s driveway was not empty, his black Nissan was parked on his driveway and his porch was left empty!!

See, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s employee finds ways to harass me, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s  porch was left empty, Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s black car was parked on Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s driveway, so he parked in front of my house, with the engine running! Rather than parking in front of my house (which I prohibited previously in this blog), he could have parked the black Nissan on Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s porch, and park on Mohd Emil Azril Bahari’s driveway!!! But he chose to PROVOKE and HARASS ME!!!!!!  A deliberate act by a psychotic employee emulating his psychotic employer!!!!

I have warned Mohd Emil Azril Bahari Md Noor in this blog before that he, his family, employees, employees’ spouse, guests and friends MUST STOP harassing me, but of course this psychotic son of a bitch and his partners in crime, ignore my warnings and continue to harass me so that I move out!!!!

He must be bored with his pussy so he chose to harass me (using his employees) !!!!!!

Life sure sucks living next door to Mohd Emil Azril Bahari and his instigator!!!!!

But I will not let this son of a bitch affect me, I will not move out, I will continue reciting AlQuran seeking Allah’s help.

Allah always helps me!!!!

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