The death of humanity : Malam gelap 4 Ogos 2006

August the 4th is fast approaching

My subconscious is much aware of the dark, harrowing night, sending shivers all over me.

On 4th August 2006 I was dragged like a dog by a low-ranking policeman named Sulaiman at Balai Polis Hulu Kelang for a few metres because I cried out for help to outsiders and residents of houses opposite the police station because a policeman named Tarmizi locked the gate preventing me to leave the police station. Sulaiman dragged me by force by pullling my hair while saying that I am gila and Syaitan. So please imagine a person dragging you for a few metres by pulling your hair. (Menyeret seseorang dengan menggunakan cara menarik rambut orang itu, justeru rambut saya telah ditarik lalu saya telah diseret beberapa meter.)

Earlier that night I went to the police station “Balai Polis Hulu Kelang” to lodge a police report against Mohd Noor Bahari and his bomoh Siam, Pak Din who were physically violent towards me but the policewomen named Suzana and Johana refused to take my report because Mohd Noor Bahari claimed that I became crazy because of my husband whom I left way back in 2000.

Earlier that night Pak Din and his group of men surrounded me at Mohd Noor Bahari’s bungalow at Taman TAR. I ran away from Pak Din but he grabbed my leg roughly and called me “Syaitan”.

Mohd Noor Bahari defended Sulaiman’s action dragging me like a dog for a few metres that night (he dragged me by force by pullling my hair while saying that I am gila and Syaitan) by saying “He had to do his job”. In September 2006 he said to me “You deserve to be beaten up by the police”.

Mohd Noor Bahari and his wife have always told people (their friends and extended family) that I am gila and syaitan.

Mohd Noor Bahari had been hitting me from 2000-2006 by punching me, strangling me, pulling my hair, putting his foot on my chest, in front of my children.

Mohd Noor Bahari chased me out of his house a few days after I gave birth to my second child because I refused to obey him to stop breastfeeding my second child.

Mohd Noor Bahari chased me out of his house after his maids complained to him about me. Later it was discovered that his beloved Maids stole jewellery and gold coins.

May Allah the Most Just, laknat everybody involved in my tragic abuse at Balai Polis Hulu Kelang on 4th August 2006, it may be nothing to you but it was hell for me.

Those involved were:

1. Mohd Noor Bahari

2. Hasma Bt Basir

3. Pak Din

4. Mohd Emil Azril Bahari

5. Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari

6. Mohd Rizal Bahari

7. Dr Mohd Yani Bahari (Dr Mohd Yani Bahari, days before that tragic night you dragged me for a few metres not by pulling my hair unlike Sulaiman but you dragged me by pulling my collar, in front of my children. Despite being an anaesthetist you are no different from the low ranking policeman. Both of you are equally violent!!!!!!!)

8. Saniah Bt Basir

9. Sulaiman (Balai Polis Hulu Kelang)

10. Tarmizi (Balai Polis Hulu Kelang)

11. Mat Lazim (Balai Polis Hulu Kelang)

12. Suzana (Balai Polis Hulu Kelang)

13. Johana(Balai Polis Hulu Kelang)

14. Coursesenu Bin Ibrahim Pejabat Ketua Polis Negara

15. Tan Sri Musa Hassan Ketua Polis Negara

I was treated like an animal that night. Mohd Noor Bahari you are not worthy to be called a human being, what more a father. May Allah punish you for all your cruelty towards me and my children. Yes, Zulfikri Abdul Rashid is an animal but you are an animal too.

My case is a classic example of the idiom “Out of the frying pan go right into the fire”.

Below is the Email correspondence to Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Coursesenu bin Ibrahim. Until today I get no justice from the Royal Malaysian Police. Yes, I do believe in police violence and brutality as I experienced it myself!!!!

From: yasmin noor

Subject: Fw: KPN (PR) 25/2/3/2/10



Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 5:06 PM

Askm Tan Sri Mohon bantuan Tan SRi terima kasih.

—– Forwarded Message —-

From: yasmin noor



Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 6:54:08 PM

Subject: Fw: KPN (PR) 25/2/3/2/10

Askm Tuan Mohon jawapan pd kadar yg segera.Terima kasih.

— On Thu, 7/12/07, yasmin noor wrote:

From: yasmin noor

Subject: KPN (PR) 25/2/3/2/10

To: Date: Thursday, July 12, 2007, 4:31 PM

Assalamualaikum Tuan I refer to your letter dated 13/4/2007. With reference to your statement ” Adalah difahamkan bahawa kejadian tersebut berlaku ekoran daripada masalah yang melibatkan ahli keluarga puan di mana bapa serta abang puan turut mengambil bahagian”. Regardless of your statement, what right does the policeman named Sulaiman have for him to pull my hair and drag me like a dog, calling me Syaitan & Gila? What right did the police named Tarmizi have to arrest me at the police station. I came to the police station to lodge report about violence by men towards me but instead of protecting me, the police also abused me. Just because my father and brothers abuse me, that does not give the police the right to abuse me. I demand justice from IGP as soon as possible. Thank You. .

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