I am sorry for not being strong

Dearest Hajjah Zarina Azman
You were a kind soul helping me
You wanted me to be strong and inspire my children

Dear Kind Sister Hajjah Zarina Azman
I am sorry to disappoint you
I am sorry for not being the strong person you wanted me to be
I am not as strong as Rizal
He is focused and determined!

Dearest Sister Hajjah Zarina Azman
May Allah bless your kind soul

I am happy now
My conscience is clear
I might not be the person you want me to be but I am happy now
I accept my imperfect self!

I am not confident to join you in Jannah
I just want to apologize to you here
I acknowledge your support but I was not able to face the challenges at SC then….
The hell with SC!!!!!

Once again, may Allah bless your sweet soul Hajjah Zarina Azman!!
Ameen Ya Rabbal A’lameen


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