You are too late!!!!!

You are too late
I resolved to destroy you a few months ago
I will not change my mind
I will not stop torturing you until I breathe my last!
I will not give up!!!!!
You can pray as much as you can, I will not budge!!!!
I will not be moved by your pleas!!!!
I will not stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have suffered enough!!!!
As you said I am evil, I am the devil who shall torture you!!!
I will never let you go!!!!!!
You made me become the devil!!!!
I am the monster you created!!!!!!
You have to face this monster you created!!!!
Being the coward you are, I know you are anxious!!!!
Good, this is just the beginning, I am just warming up, be prepared for my retaliation!!! You deserve it !!!!!
I will hit you where you least expect!!!
I shall be as merciless as you were towards me!!!!!
This is war!!!!!


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